The art of doing the dishes

I was probably in class 8th, when I watched one of my first “non-Bollywood” movie. Can’t particularly remember the movie title but a dialogue caught my attention, “why does she run away to play when its her turn to do the dishes”. A complaining dialogue delivered from a elder sister for her younger one who was always escaping the task of “doing the dishes”.

I had just started picking up English phrases back then and “doing the dishes” was something which sounded very sophisticated to me, even though I was quite aware of what the task was all about. In crude household language, its “bartan dhona”. Now, even I want to run away!

This is one task, that lives with us until we live. As long as we feel hungry and fill our tummies with food & not air, we will have to do the dishes. When I was growing up, this task was outsourced to our household help, like in most Indian households. So I got a taste of it only when I moved in with my friends in a flat. Soon, we realized that going out for dinner was a better option than to cook and “do the dishes” later.

Then marriage happened.

Hubby and I had a great understanding since beginning, I would mop and he would “do the dishes”. Once in a while we tried doing the dishes together and believe me, how much ever romantic it sounds, it was NOT! Sadly, by then, Ms. Kaif, had not released her dish cleaning video. Its truly an art to get that sparkling white foam in your sink which is full of dirty dishes! Kudos to her.

I am sure, you are now thinking, has Saumya lost her mind? Nope, I am completely fine, I am just speaking your mind right now ๐Ÿ™‚ Am I not?

Well, some of those fitness freaks will lash out at me now, “its healthy”, “its a great workout for hands”. And I already hear some of you smirking at me, “girls these days, shy away from basic household chores”! Sorry to disappoint you, I am one of those girls who do not find joy in “doing the dishes”. That’s why I got a dishwasher for myself. Yes, I preferred investing my money in a dishwasher rather than in iPhone. Moreover, being an employee of Bosch I was getting a handsome discount which was convincing enough for my family. (I am not with Bosch now, so it would not be of help contacting me for discount ;))

“Dishwasher! Such a waste of money. If you have to rinse every thing before keeping in the dishwasher, then might as well wash them. Such a mammoth task to keep every utensil in the dishwasher and take it out, who will do it? Its not hygienic. Uses so much water & electricity. Needs special plumbing, such a pain”, I have heard all of these from someone or the other. But I will still vote and vouch for investing money in a dishwasher.

Lets break some myths here:

  1. Its hygienic. Dishes go through multiple cleaning & rinsing cycles and come out sparkling clean and dry.
  2. Uses water & electricity. Yes, but much less than a running tap. You could choose a brand & model and will know exactly how much electricity it consumes.
  3. Dishes need to be rinsed before stacking up in dishwasher. Yes, its a good practice to remove left over food. However its not a necessary step. I would rather suggest to not leave any food in your plate and then you are saved from this task as well.
  4. Dishes go bad. Definitely NO! I am telling from my experience.
  5. It needs extra plumbing. NO!, all you need is a water inlet and outlet, same as a washing machine and space enough to have a dishwasher installed. Its ideal to have it below your kitchen slab, but I have installed it in kitchen utility due to lack of space. And there was no extra plumbing required.

When not to buy a dishwasher (I am being sarcastic here)

  1. If you are a DIY enthusiast and do not like the job done by anyone else but you (or your household help).
  2. If you and your family consider the task of rinsing your own dishes as dirty and “not my” job.
  3. If you will have to hire a maid to load and unload the dishwasher
  4. If you think that having a household help is way too cool than installing a dishwasher
  5. If you have never picked up your plate by your own and kept it in the sink

When to buy a dishwasher – if you are none of the above & frustrated enough to think that “doing the dishes” is not a great job after all. Also if you can teach yourself to not be one of the above, then also you qualify to be a proud dishwasher owner.

Now comes the golden question, Why am I suddenly giving so much lecture about dishwasher?

No, I am not promoting any brand here.

I recently read an article that due to COVID situation, many Indian couples are opting to buy a dishwasher. Smart move, I must say. However, when I read comments on that article, I was flabbergasted. The worst comment was, “These foreign things like dishwasher are not for us, I help my wife in cleaning”. My reaction was, “Oh my god, really? Foreign things? You would happily make a Tik-tok video but a technology that makes your life easier is tagged as foreign?”

That’s when I decided to write this blog. Firstly, I am a proud & happy user of a dish washing technology. Secondly, I believe that we have spend a lot of money in phones and cars and its high time to be smart at household chores as well. Its good, if you help your wife in doing the dishes, but it would be a greater help to strike off this task from her & your list.

Yes, dishwashers are costly, but its an investment similar to a washing machine, for years, just chose the right brand and model.

I also want to clarify that I am not demeaning any task here, every household chore is important. However, today we have technology to help us with some of those tasks and many a times, we ignore it. Whether one can afford a technology is definitely a valid point and I guess I am not forcing anyone here. We readily buy air conditioners, 56″ LED TVs, projectors, tablets, phones, cars, which just makes our lives fancier, but when it comes buy something which makes our life easier, then we shy away. Why?

I am also not being a non-feminist here and suggesting to men to buy a dishwasher instead of helping your wife. I am just saying that outsource this task to technology if possible and support your wife and family in other tasks. For sure, as we all know, “ghar ke kaam kabhi khatam nahi hote” (household chores are never ending).

Think about it, do your research on dishwashers, check your budget, and then if you are convinced, go for it. And in case you still have questions, you can leave a comment and I will try to answer (even though I am no dishwasher expert, but I can share my experience).

Happy “doing the dishes” ๐Ÿ™‚



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