Vivid Dreams

…in a magical place! I was floating in the air with everyone else. He heard the unicorns. Something wasn’t just right. The glass shattered and the shell said to get the army ready. I wore the suit, hoping not to get a bullet inside my body. They made me their king and said they wouldn’t be able to live without me. At least they said so. Everyone begged me not to go. But I ain’t gonna change my decision. I go out with my sword, sharpen the spear and fight. Everything was silent in the castle except for my daughter who was crying. A couple of hours later she sees me in scars. No one believed I fought them alone. That was a dream was that?

The End

My Orange Friend

People pick up tomatoes from me every day. Seeing all the people pass through the fences, each day is very boring. Being sprayed from pesticides and insecticides and hearing people shout and fight, that’s it! Other friends of mine in that small place also share their thoughts about how they like sitting in a small, old garden. Seeing the sunset regularly is an opportunity many people don’t get. But, me and my friends have got bored seeing the sun going away. Our owners disturb our sleep by spraying water on us early in the morning. The kids in that house trouble us by plucking leaves and stems. And I don’t think they know that we also have feelings. And then, pitch dark. Strong wind blows and we say to each other, good night.

But the next day, I saw a new friend sitting right beside me.

“Hello, are you new in this garden, what’s your name?” I asked him. He was pretty small, looked like he was a seedling.

He yawned. I seemed to have disturbed his sleep.

“Oh, hello, who are you all?” he talked in a feeble voice.

I felt strange. Whenever I was awake, I had the blazing sun facing towards me. It turned out that it wasn’t morning yet.

“Hi, sorry to wake you up so early, I was asking if you were new in this garden?”

“Yes, I think so, I guess I was sleeping when I was brought here from the nursery. But this place is a lot worse than my childhood home.”

“Oh, you spent your childhood in the nursery, well then perhaps you could sing the alphabet song like those mischievous kids in the house?”

“I am still a child, I am only 3 weeks old if I have counted correctly,” he said.

“That was just a joke, okay? And why are you so small and where have you come from?!” I exclaimed.

He stayed calm, “I first was in a jungle where I had my mom standing beside me all day long. It was a very nice place. Then, after a week, when I was as big as a weed, I had come to a place called a nursery. It was a very bad place. I stayed there for a long time until I… Ouch! What was that?!”

“Bee Express. These are pesticides and insecticides. I call them Bee Express as they sting a lot.” I answered.

“Okay whatever, I was saying that I stayed there for a long time until I came here,” he said. “It was always much nicer in the other two places.”

We became friends in a couple of days. All my other friends also got familiar to the baby plant. In a matter of time, he grew up and turned out be an orange plant. We all called him orange. He was very talkative. He was very funny and soon the days that used to be boring before became very enjoyable. My friends and me could never be as creative as him.

Days passed and our surroundings kept changing. Some of my friends dried out and some grew up to trees. Apple was taken away after he was as much as fifteen feet tall according to me. Mr. Fern dried out. He was the eldest plant in the garden. Soon, I was also shifted to another garden. It was much bigger and the soil was more fertile and comfortable there. But I liked my old house much more. The friends were very nice there. Here, the whole place was almost empty. I felt very lonely without any friends.

A whole year had passed by. I was again shifted. This time to a public garden. After a few days, I heard a voice. A familiar one. I looked around to see if it was one of my friends. And, surprisingly, it was Orange! I was very confused I didn’t quite recognize him at once. Now I had a very nice friend sitting right beside me. In a few days, the garden felt like my old house. I had made a lot of friends there. But one day, I saw that Orange was missing. I looked around with my friends but we couldn’t see him. Days passed by; he still didn’t show up. We all got very sad and stopped talking to each other. It got very quiet without Orange. He was the only one who used to bring joy to us and now he was gone. Neither the sun shiny rays nor the moon’s beautiful, creamy colour cheered me up. All my friends were also very quiet. Whatever jokes they made, I always felt very lonely. The garden was nothing but a graveyard for me without Orange.

And one day, we saw a small plant right beside us. He was as small as Orange when we first met him. Also, he looked exactly like the baby Orange who first showed up in the garden.

“My father told me that you were his best friend,” he said to me in a feeble voice.

Dinosaurs in Bermuda Triangle

“Hey, don’t you think that being a herbivore is better” asked the Diplodocus.

“Why?” said the T-Rex. The T-Rex was very confused that why Diplodocus is telling that herbivores are better than carnivores.

“Herbivores are better because they don’t need to catch food”, said the Diplodocus.

The T-Rex was very angry and was thinking how did he dare to say that herbivores are better than carnivores. He was about to eat the Diplodocus when both of them disappeared. Their friend the Velociraptor was standing just a little far from them.

“Hey, our friends Diplodocus and T-Rex have disappeared”, shouted Velociraptor.

“How”, said the Pteranodon.

“I don’t know, first come to that place where they disappeared”, said the Velociraptor.

All the dinosaurs started walking to the disappearing spot.

“Stop”, warned Velociraptor and all dinosaurs stopped immediately.

” Don’t go front, or else we’ll also disappear” said the Raptor.

They turned towards their left and started moving. After sometime they were tired. They walked for one more kilometer and then looked around themselves. They saw a pyramid on their left and a pond just in front of it. Then they turned back and looked at the place where their friends had disappeared. The raptor thought for a while. The pond suddenly disappeared. The dinosaurs again looked around themselves and saw the pond behind them. The Velociraptor told everyone to drink water from the mysterious pond. All the dinosaurs drank water and disappeared.

“Woah, when did you all come here?”, said the T-Rex.

“Oh, so you guys are here”, said the other dinosaurs with relief

“Be quite! Let me hear the voices of the jungle”, said the Raptor.

“Ok, I know this place. Its the Bermuda Triangle and I know how to get out of here. Follow me”, Raptor started walking.

All dinosaurs followed him. They all went to a spot and Raptor indicated to stop.

“Hey, there used to be a button here before, where’s it now” said the Raptor.

“How are you so sure?” asked the others.

“That’s because I’ve been here before.”

All started walking and finding how to get outta there.

“Woah! When did this secret passage open?” exclaimed the Rex.

“Hey! I found a paper over here” said the Diplodocus.

“It says, I know how to get out of here. Rex, lead twenty dinosaurs to your left. Diplodocus, lead twenty dinosaurs to your right. Velociraptor, lead twenty to the middle.” said the Diplodocus.

“Come, come come”, said Rex, Raptor and Diplodocus.

“Hey I saw one more passage! It says, a metal ladder will come down. Just go one step forward”, said the Diplodocus.

They went one step forward and metal ladder came down. They climbed up and came out of the upper hole of the Bermuda triangle.

“Hey bro, I am sorry that I was about to eat you”, said the T-Rex.

“Its OK man,, we are friends. C’mon, lets go for a ride” said the Diplodocus.

“Sure my friend” said T-Rex and patted on Diplodocus’ back.

All the dinosaurs went for a ride around the mountain.

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A man was walking in a park when he saw a cat running towards him. He turned back and started running to his house. When he went in his house, it was haunted. He wasn’t so happy with his house. He went in his bedroom. There was a little blood in his bedroom. Suddenly a ghost appeared in front of the mirror and a man beside him with no reflection. The man understood that he was a vampire. A skeleton was playing football outside. The vampire told, my hobby is killing people and he told that in a scary voice. Suddenly his house became dark and black. Bats came in. He started running. He dashed into a wall and got hurt. The dangerous house suddenly became normal. The man became very happy.