Dinosaurs in Bermuda Triangle

“Hey, don’t you think that being a herbivore is better” asked the Diplodocus.

“Why?” said the T-Rex. The T-Rex was very confused that why Diplodocus is telling that herbivores are better than carnivores.

“Herbivores are better because they don’t need to catch food”, said the Diplodocus.

The T-Rex was very angry and was thinking how did he dare to say that herbivores are better than carnivores. He was about to eat the Diplodocus when both of them disappeared. Their friend the Velociraptor was standing just a little far from them.

“Hey, our friends Diplodocus and T-Rex have disappeared”, shouted Velociraptor.

“How”, said the Pteranodon.

“I don’t know, first come to that place where they disappeared”, said the Velociraptor.

All the dinosaurs started walking to the disappearing spot.

“Stop”, warned Velociraptor and all dinosaurs stopped immediately.

” Don’t go front, or else we’ll also disappear” said the Raptor.

They turned towards their left and started moving. After sometime they were tired. They walked for one more kilometer and then looked around themselves. They saw a pyramid on their left and a pond just in front of it. Then they turned back and looked at the place where their friends had disappeared. The raptor thought for a while. The pond suddenly disappeared. The dinosaurs again looked around themselves and saw the pond behind them. The Velociraptor told everyone to drink water from the mysterious pond. All the dinosaurs drank water and disappeared.

“Woah, when did you all come here?”, said the T-Rex.

“Oh, so you guys are here”, said the other dinosaurs with relief

“Be quite! Let me hear the voices of the jungle”, said the Raptor.

“Ok, I know this place. Its the Bermuda Triangle and I know how to get out of here. Follow me”, Raptor started walking.

All dinosaurs followed him. They all went to a spot and Raptor indicated to stop.

“Hey, there used to be a button here before, where’s it now” said the Raptor.

“How are you so sure?” asked the others.

“That’s because I’ve been here before.”

All started walking and finding how to get outta there.

“Woah! When did this secret passage open?” exclaimed the Rex.

“Hey! I found a paper over here” said the Diplodocus.

“It says, I know how to get out of here. Rex, lead twenty dinosaurs to your left. Diplodocus, lead twenty dinosaurs to your right. Velociraptor, lead twenty to the middle.” said the Diplodocus.

“Come, come come”, said Rex, Raptor and Diplodocus.

“Hey I saw one more passage! It says, a metal ladder will come down. Just go one step forward”, said the Diplodocus.

They went one step forward and metal ladder came down. They climbed up and came out of the upper hole of the Bermuda triangle.

“Hey bro, I am sorry that I was about to eat you”, said the T-Rex.

“Its OK man,, we are friends. C’mon, lets go for a ride” said the Diplodocus.

“Sure my friend” said T-Rex and patted on Diplodocus’ back.

All the dinosaurs went for a ride around the mountain.

Picture source: https://www.pixtastock.com/illustration/27839209

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