Coffee Beans…

Her manicured fingers caressed the smooth edge of the shining black granite top. She could almost see her reflection in the black stone. Her reflection wasn’t black though, it was shining, like a star.

Admiring the red nail paint on her slender fingers, she inhaled the enriching aroma of coffee beans. The freshly brewed coffee beans had just transformed themselves into a steaming hot cup of cappuccino. She couldn’t have asked for more, from coffee beans or from her life. She had it all.

Staring at her own look, from toe to tip, everything was just perfect.

Black high healed tiptoes, formal trousers and a business shirt, accompanied by a striped gray business coat, sitting on a high chair, she was an embodiment of women empowerment. A sense of achievement and satisfaction, oozed out of her personality, just like her steaming hot cup of coffee. Her coffee smelled of peace and contentment, because it had reached the most beautiful form of its existence. Sipping from her cup, she also felt the same peace in her heart and mind.

She was the epitome of success and happiness, a combination, rare to find in this miserable world. She worked in a place where everyone was running a race, to reach the top. And the participants of the race were not even aware of what was at the top! They ran for it, because they were told or expected to do so. They had never stopped, even for a moment to reflect at their own life and choices. Success was the target….but then, who defines success? There is always someone more successful than you.

She had her goals and ambitions, very neatly charted out in her mind and she was not running a rat race. She knew the path to the top by-heart because that’s what her heart wanted. And she was well aware that she could hit the bulls eye only when she was happy!

The door opened and her reverie of thoughts was broken by her colleagues. She greeted them with a broad smile and a cheerful, “Good Morning Ma’am”.

It was time to get back to work….”Do you want some coffee ma’am, sir?” she asked courteously.

The Pantry girl stood up to start her day and a Man was born!

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